Known Bridges in St Petersburg: Drawbridges Opening Time 2019

Known Bridges in St Petersburg: Drawbridges Opening Time 2019

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Peter the Great designed St. Petersburg as Amsterdam and Venice, with canals in the place of roads. About ten bridges had been initially built when you look at the town, primarily through ditches and little streams. Peter’s concept ended up being that into the summer time months the townspeople needed to go by watercraft, and throughout the wintertime months, once the water froze — on sledges. But after Peter’s death, the construction of bridges proceeded, additionally the residents of St. Petersburg chose to maneuver around the town by walking or perhaps in horse-drawn carriages.

Temporary pontoon bridges were utilized within the summer time. The very first bridge that is permanent of and rock over the Neva ended up being integrated 1850.

There are lots of streams, canals and lakes in the boundaries associated with city that is modern. 342 bridges are tossed through them. A few of them are little pedestrian bridges, other people are huge transport arteries. You can find bridges produced in different designs with designs such as for instance lanterns, statues, horses, lions, sphinxes and gryphons. As a result of the complex community of canals, St. Petersburg is generally called the «Venice for the North».

There are18 drawbridges in St. Petersburg. A lot of them available in the routine every evening through the navigation duration from April to November. Other bridges are relocated by upon initial application for the passage through of little vessels.

The drawbridges are becoming a popular attraction. The primary tourist path includes 6 of those.

Annunciation Bridge

The initial permanent bridge across the Neva with an original cast-iron railing, decorated with hippocampus — mythological creatures because of the chest muscles of the horse with all the lower torso of the seafood. Читать далее «Known Bridges in St Petersburg: Drawbridges Opening Time 2019»