Vintage Vicki: Where Is My Army Wife Pay?

Vintage Vicki: Where Is My Army Wife Pay?

Dear Ms. Vicki,

My hubby finished from West aim couple of years ago, and I also have always been essentially residing below a standard that is acceptable. I happened to be never ever raised similar to this. My bad grandmother was giving me cash for the previous 12 months simply I am accustomed to so I can have the things.

Ms. Vicki, I happened to be told that Army spouses are compensated a stipend that is monthly if you are a spouse at the very least of $800. The quantity is meant to boost centered on ranking. Mine should at the least be $1,000. Might you please inform me who to speak with therefore I’m able to talk about this problem? We have maybe perhaps not seen some of this cash, and it’s been couple of years now.

I’m used to nice costly things, and my hubby promised my dad like he did when I was living at home that he would take care of me just. I’m therefore jealous of my sisters that are little they have been nevertheless residing acquainted with my moms and dads.

Me to the hairdresser because I’m a mess and I can’t afford to get it done when I go home to visit, the first thing my mother does is take. We feel so unfortunate and mad each day.

I’m mad within my spouse for selecting to stay the Army, and I’m mad that i’m located in this kind of awful destination. I don’t think this will get better for me personally.

I’m therefore homesick, plus the other spouses become this is actually the life that is best they will have ever endured. They’re not anything like me. Our company is maybe not exactly the same, and so I don’t have buddies. Everybody keeps pressing the grouped Family Readiness Group — the FRG this and also the FRG that, however the ladies are like Stepford spouses whom mail order bride reside, consume and breathe the Army. They’ve been absurd! Читать далее «Vintage Vicki: Where Is My Army Wife Pay?»